Welcome to my blog!

Well here it is, the start of something new. I’ve been thinking about starting something like this for a long time, finding my own place on the internet and try to combine two of my passions, video games and writing. So I thought why not do both? So here it is, the beginning of it all.

Some of you may be wondering who I am, my name is Sean, I live in the upside down land of Australia and I spend quite a bit of my time playing video games, I would no way call myself an expert, far from it. Just a guy that feels the need to write his opinions on games he plays. A bit more about me, I’m studying a diploma of interactive games full time in the city of Melbourne, my favourite game of all time is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt (still waiting on Cyberpunk 2077) and I absolutely love Star Wars. Now these “reviews” are not going to be long, I’m not an incredible writer so I don’t want to bore anyone to death about me droning on and on about a game. Its going to be straight to the point (unless its the Witcher 3).

So there you have it, to everyone that may read this, Hello!!! I hope you enjoy my reviews and stick around for weekly updates! I’m going to be starting out by reviewing one of the games I am currently playing at the moment, Far Cry 5. So stay tuned for that in the next few days. And again, welcome to my blog!



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