Assassin’s Creed Origins- A quick review.



The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been around for over 10 years, and out of those 10 years we have had the privilege to play 10 amazing games. Yes the franchise has had its ups and downs, but every time the games impress me. And Assassins Creed Origins is no exception, it’s still the same Assassin’s Creed we know and love, but with a few differences. It’s story takes us to the golden sands of Egypt during the time of Cleopatra. We follow Bayek, a young man who is on a quest to free Egypt from the ruling elite all the while unknowingly starting the Assassin’s order to fight the Templar’s. Yes it is the same old battle that we have fought time and time again in the older games, but here we get to see the beginning of the order we have all come to know.

Combat has had a major overhaul in Origins. Unlike older games in the series, where whenever an enemy went to attack you you would just press the counter button, essentially making you unbeatable. But in Origins however, its taken an almost Dark souls style approach to combat. You must block, counter and roll out of the way of enemies attacks until you can find a week spot. Enemies now have different levels too, so going up against level 20’s while I was still on level 10 was very difficult, almost on the verge of completely impossible because my weapons did little to no damage.

But the really interesting thing about AC Origins is the exploration, The whole of Egypt is completely open to you from the get go, so you can explore and discover new locations to your hearts content. And yes, you can climb the Pyramids, as well as explore the tombs inside them. But you had better bring a torch, because when its dark in Origins, it’s dark. You literally can’t see a foot in front of you without a torch, so it really adds to the creepiness of a tomb and caves.

All in all Origins is an amazing continuation of the Assassins Creed franchise, its a good mixture of old and new and brings new life into a series that was starting to fall under the radar. I can’t wait to see what Ubisoft comes out with next.



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