HITMAN 2 – Does Hitman’s sequel hit the mark?

















Welcome back, Agent 47.



Hitman 2, not to be confused with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin which came out in 2002, is the new title released by IO Interactive and published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. It’s a sequel to 2016’s Hitman, which blew everyone away with it’s sandbox game play and emphasis on stealth, in fact it looked like a return to the original Hitman games. In which players could choose how they want to take down a target and were rewarded in how they did it. Hitman and Hitman 2 are both very much alike. In fact they both run off exactly the same engine and play identically, except for a few changes here and there. Some would even say that the newest instalment is just DLC for the older game, this might seem that way but IO has been working hard to make this game more impressive then the last one. With bigger levels and more stuff to interact with, it’s a Hitman’s playground.

Hitman 2 follows our protagonist Agent 47 as he tries to uncover his past all the while trying to take down the mysterious Illuminati-like organisation called Providence. That’s all we really know about the story, the narrative is mostly used to give the player a purpose to take out a target and that’s about it, which is slightly disappointing. But what can you do if your protagonist has as much character as a brick wall. 2016’s Hitman was about the same story-wise so I have come to not expect much from them when it comes to an engaging narrative. But game play wise Hitman 2 is fantastic.



Hitman 2 has 6 locations for the player to explore. The level design is amazing, each map offering unique ways to hunt down your target as well as different ways to escape after the job is done. They feel more intricate then the first Hitman’s levels with something different around every corner and inside every room, this makes the levels really come to life and feel lived in. My two favourite being Miami and Whittleton Creek, both of these being polar opposites to each other with one putting Agent 47 into the middle of a F1 racing event in which the player must navigate around large crowds of people to get to their target, and the other being set in a rich suburban neighbourhood which puts the player into a seemingly quiet street where nothing ever happens.


This is what makes Hitman 2 so enjoyable to play. They force the player to change the way they play and interact with the levels and situations. What makes these levels even better is the inclusion of “Mission Stories” in which the game gives the player a small storyline in the game to follow which usually puts you into the same room as your target. These mission stories are great for first time players of Hitman, they show how you can interact with objects to eliminate your targets and the different disguises that the player can use to fool guards and other NPC’s.


Even though the game gives you hundreds of ways to eliminate your targets, sometimes just using your trusty silverballer or a sniper rifle from a window is the best way to take them out, and sometimes even the quickest. But you have to be quick in escaping, otherwise you will get guards running to your position and start spraying bullets everywhere. And gun play is not one of Hitman 2’s strong points, you can barely hit anything even when the enemy is standing right in front of you. This may be on purpose though, Hitman is about sneaking around and taking out your targets silently and trying to avoid killing every person in sight. So don’t try it, it usually doesn’t end well.

Hitman 2’s replay-ability is fantastic, even more so with the inclusion of 2016’s Hitman game as to boot. The different challenges and level mastery make the maps different every time you play them. There’s just so much content in this game that it’s hard to cover it all in a review without dragging on about it. So here are my final thoughts, Hitman 2 is a fantastic game. It’s levels are so well detailed and the way it gives the player the reigns to do what they like keeps me wanting to come back for more. It’s one of 2018’s best releases, maybe not game of the year, but it’s definitely up there. So on that note, I say till next time!








Mission complete. Well done 47, now come home. We have another mission for you.





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