BATTLEFIELD V – A disappointing sequel?


Battlefield V, the brand new WW2 first person military shooter developed by DICE studios has been out for 3 days. And I’ve been playing a fair bit of it, and my opinion is….. mixed. To say the least. On one hand the developers over at DICE have made a amazing looking game graphically, while on the other it falls short on it’s choice of multiplayer game types and a campaign that tries to send a strong message but just feels weak. Let me get straight into it starting with the campaign.

Battlefield V takes the “War stories” that we got from Battlefield 1 and expands on it with bigger maps and even more personal stories. The intro to Battlefield V called “My country calling” really took my breath away, it shows the men and women who fought bravely during WW2, how heroic sacrifices were made for the greater good. But also shows the horrific experiences that they had to go through throughout the war. The rest of the campaign tries to keep this same sentiment with characters that the player is meant to care about. The only problem with this is that we only interact with these characters for a single mission, so there seems to be no real emotions if a certain character dies or is wounded in battle. The war stories are definitely dramatic and take us to interesting places all around the world, from deserts to high up in the snowy mountains of Norway, all the maps are designed with great detail and look absolutely amazing.


Now onto game play, stealth is a major mechanic during the campaign. Most of the missions will require you to sneak around enemies to make it to a checkpoint or to destroy enemy equipment. The only problem is stealth barely works, you are seen straight away by most enemies which then makes you either retreat or try and shoot your way through the onslaught of enemies. Well you would if you had ammunition, it seemed that most of the weapons that I picked up from fallen enemies or from crates had two clips of ammo and that was it, making me switch between guns continuously while being shot at. I spent at least 50% of my time looking at the ground trying to find ammunition and this usually led to me being killed…. a lot. Battlefield V’s health has been significantly reduced compared to Battlefield 1’s, this may be for the heavy reliance of medics in multiplayer in which they can throw you health kits to heal minor wounds. But this doesn’t happen in the campaign, your health regenerates instead, very slowly. Altogether the campaign’s game mechanics just don’t work, and feel clunky as hell while you’re playing through it. Not including the amount of glitches and bugs that I got while playing, it almost makes you think that DICE shouldn’t continue with Battlefield campaigns and focus more on multiplayer instead.

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Speaking of multiplayer, it takes the best parts of the single player campaign and expands on it. There are 8 different game types to choose from. The biggest one being Grand Operations, the match is set over a couple of days and across different maps. It will have you on the edge of your seat as you fight for control over different points on the map. Another new feature is being able to reinforce certain areas of the map. Players can put down sand bags, dig trenches and build barricades to help defend the point against the enemy team. Teamwork is now much more integrated into the game play then before, every squad needs to stay together to survive and running off on your own means certain death if you’re not careful. It makes matches feel like real warfare with squad mates tactically moving around corners and clearing buildings all the while watching each others backs. Another interesting new feature is the crouch-run. Players can now move at a quicker pace while crouched, making it harder for the enemy to hit you and sometimes can make sneaking around even easier.

Classes also make a return in Battlefield V, still the same classes they have been for a while: Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon. Each of these plays the same as they did in Battlefield one, except for a few minor changes such as the recon being the only class that can now spot enemies. Classes also now have “specialisations” which players can unlock. They are perks that up the performance on certain weapons such as reducing bullet spray or how quickly the player can aim down sights. There’s also a larger array of vehicles to choose from, players can now customise different tanks and planes and load them up with different weapons and even change the camouflage on them.


Battlefield V isn’t a terrible game, but it’s not an amazing game either, but I really wish it was. It has the ground works to become an amazing game, maybe with time it will improve just like Battlefront 2 has done in almost a year. We will have new content dropping next month such as the “turning tides” which is a add on to the war stories. As well as a Battle Royal mode called “Firestorm” coming in February next year. Multiplayer games these days are basically a service, we pay for a full priced game and eventually we will get the product that we paid for, we only need to wait. And maybe in a years time Battlefield V will be the best Battlefield game of all time. We can only hope.

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