Red Dead Redemption Online Beta – My thoughts so far.


I’ve finally managed to play a few hours of Red Dead Redemption online, and it’s exactly what you would expect it to be. Shootouts in the middle of towns, players being hogtied and dragged along the ground behind a horse, innocent townsfolk being murdered left right and centre, just absolute chaos. But this is to be expected, throw a bunch of random players together in a western themed open world and see what happens. Hmm, it’s starting to sound a lot like a certain HBO show I know…. The most interesting addition to Red Dead online is the story missions which can be played with up to four people, yes you heard me right, Red Dead Online has a story mode. Players start out being freed from a carriage taking you to Sisika Penitentiary, from there players learn how to set up a camp then are given different story missions which take you from shooting other outlaws through to robbing trains, all with your friends.


There is plenty of other things to do in Red Dead Online, you can go hunting and fishing like you can in the campaign. Except every animal you catch and skin is now taken and sold to the butcher instead of the Trapper. There’s free roam events that the player can partake in, as well as Team Death matches, Horse Racing, as well as a battle royal mode (which is actually a lot of fun). The only downside so far to Red Dead Online is the in-game currency, the player can earn US dollars as well as gold nuggets and bars. Earning 100 gold nuggets will get you one gold bar, and missions will sometimes only give you 2 or 3 gold nuggets a pop. But on top of that the prices for goods and weapons are crazily expensive as well, for comparison: the Lancaster Repeater in the story mode costs $135 US dollars, while in Red Dead Online it costs $405 US dollars. This might not be too bad if the money the player was gaining was a lot, but the most a player will get out of a mission is between $3 to $7 dollars. So it will take forever for a player to be able to gain the money to be able to purchase just one new firearm. Thankfully Rockstar has released a statement today assuring players that they will be updating the in game economy, here is their post:

I’ts great to see Rockstar reacting to player feedback so quickly and even pushing out an update in the same week. It’s only early days for Red Dead Online, I’m sure we are going to see a lot more updates and patches in the coming weeks and months. And each time it’s just going to get better and better. Red Dead Online is exactly how I thought it would be, it’s taken the best parts of Red Dead 2 and added a multiplayer component to it. It’s going to be interesting in the next few months seeing how much micro transactions will play a part in Red Dead Online, because it surely will given how successful Grand Theft Auto Online was for Rockstar (GTA V is the most financially successful media title of all time), so it seems logical to assume that Red Dead will be the same. But I guess we can only wait and see. Till next time partner.


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