RESIDENT EVIL 2 – 1-shot demo. (You guessed right, it’s spooky)


(Video review at the bottom)


Well here we go again, diving back into another Resident Evil game, I didn’t think I’d be back at it again so soon. It felt like only yesterday that I played through Resident Evil 7 on my PS4, getting spooked while playing it in VR (I would not recommend that by the way). The fact of the matter is I don’t do horror very well, I actively avoid it, in fact those that know me know that I jump at any loud noise, even if it isn’t a horror game or movie. But Resident Evil 2 is different, yes it has the usual jump scares, but it’s the atmosphere mixed with the music that REALLY makes it scary. Now here’s the thing, I have never played the original Resident Evil 2, now before you go clicking out of this review in disgust, please just look at this as someone experiencing the game for the first time. So here we go, this is my very short review of the Resident Evil 1-shot demo.

The demo starts with our protagonist, Leon Kennedy entering Racoon Cities police station trying to find safety from the hordes of undead roaming the streets outside. In which he finds the police station empty (of course). He then goes to investigate where everybody is, and what do you know, the police station is overrun with zombies and Leon needs to find a way to escape. Now to those familiar with the original Resident Evil 2, the game used a fixed camera, meaning that the camera was separated from the player and had to change position every time the player walked around a corner or up a flight of stairs. But now in the remake the camera is over the shoulder in a third-person perspective, making the scares feel even more personal. It’s incredible how much this has changed the game, after watching walkthroughs of the original Resident Evil 2 it’s safe to say that the developers over at Capcom have really nailed the look and feel of a modern horror game, but not straying too far from the original game.


What’s even more interesting to me is the improvement in the the way zombies move and react. They stumble toward you like the did in the original, but now since the game is over the shoulder you can now aim for specific parts of the body. The easiest way is to aim for the head. But sometimes it might take 3 or 4 shots just to take one down. To me that’s the scariest type of zombies, not the ones that sprint at you like in I Am Legend or World War Z, it’s the zombies that are slow and strong and are almost impossible to kill.

The demo ends just as everything starts to ramp up, we’ve explored the police station collecting resources and even acquiring a shotgun. The police station is also filled with puzzles that we need to complete, but the demo only allows us 30 minutes of play time, and you can only play it once. By the looks of what research I’ve done online you can actually finish some of these puzzles, but you need to be quick about it and you probably won’t finish the demo. Yes the demo does have a definitive end to it, you don’t expect Capcom to spoil the whole game do you?


I think that Capcom really has something special here, it’s a remake that has been lovingly crafted for players that have played the original, but is also bringing in new players to the Resident Evil franchise. I can’t wait to play the full game on the 25th.

And with that, I give you my very short review of the Resident evil 1-shot demo, I will do a full review when the full game is released, so see you next time for my review!




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