Apex Legends: A Battle Royal I’m happy to play.


So Respawn has released their brand new Battle Royal game called Apex Legends. A game set in the Titanfall Universe, but with no Titans. It’s a surprising move by the studio but a welcome one. Jason Schreier from Kotaku tweeted on sunday that there were rumours that Respawn would announce their new game on Monday, but he wasn’t sure whether it was a new Titanfall or something else entirely. And he was right, Apex Legends is a Battle Royal game, but with a twist. Instead of having generic characters like in PUBG or Fortnight, each character has a different personality and unique set of abilities. These abilities help the team in some way, Lifeline can heal players using a healing bot, and her “Ultra ability” can summon down a drop pod with armour and health kits in it for herself or her teammates, while Gibraltar uses a defensive shield to block incoming fire, and also bring up a bubble shield for himself and the team. There’s many more characters to choose from but I won’t go into too much detail here.

The whole reason I wanted to do this small review was to discuss the one thing on everybody’s minds, is there going to be a Titanfall 3? Those of you that follow my blog or on YouTube know that I most recently put out a review on Titanfall 2, saying it is one of the best first-person shooters of this generation. And it is, and I would love for Respawn to make a Titanfall 3 to continue on the story of Cooper and BT. But it looks like we aren’t going to get it for awhile, and that’s fine by me. The best part of Titanfall for myself wasn’t even being in a Titan, it was running around as a Pilot. And that’s exactly what Apex Legends is, it’s the best parts of being a Pilot mixed in with amazing new abilities. In Titanfall 2 winning a multiplayer match depended on how well you controlled your Pilot. The controls felt like an extension of yourself, every twitch and hand movement you did would register in the game, meaning that it was up to your skill whether you won or not. The same goes for Apex legends, the movement of your character depends on how well you play the game and whether you and your team will emerge victorious.

Speaking of teams, teamwork is of utmost importance here. Teammates can pinpoint areas of interest with a click of a button. As well as even revive dead teammates. The way to do this is to pick up the downed teammates “card”, and go to a re-spawn point. But be careful, you can be shot quite easily if you’re standing still too long. Communication is also important, being able to talk to your teammates about the position of different enemies will give you a upper hand on a team that isn’t communicating.


I’ve already seen many comments online of people complaining that EA stopped production on Titanfall 3 and forced Respawn to make Apex Legends instead. But the majority of research I’ve done seems to confirm that Respawn wanted to make Apex Legends, this was the game they wanted to make instead of Titanfall 3. And that’s completely fine by me. I can tell that the developers have put a lot of hard work into this game to make it work. Plus to showcase a game and release it on the same day is unheard of in this industry, and I’m all for it. Player feedback is the best kind of feedback, there’s no need for huge different tiered beta’s like Anthem or The Division 2, it gets far to confusing for the consumer to figure out exactly when a game is going to come out if its bundled together with 5 different beta’s and 8 different tiers of pre-orders.

Apex Legends does include loot boxes as well. To some people this would be a reason alone to not download the game (I did forget to mention that Apex Legends is free) but like Fortnight, you can progress up levels to gain new skins for your characters and weapons, or you can purchase them with premium real-world currency. Seeing as this is a free game it makes sense for Respawn to add micro-transactions, those developers need to be paid somehow! You can’t currently purchase the premium currency, but rumours are that the most expensive pack will cost you $20 Australian dollars.

So would I recommend Apex Legends?  Most definitely. It’s a fun and exciting spin on battle royal from one of my favourite game studios. Thanks for reading!




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